EDTECH award finalists trophy


Congratulations to the finalists and winners from EdTech Digest’s EDTECH AWARDS!  And a special thanks to the great people at Ed Tech Digest for putting these awards together every year!  

EdTech is becoming an increasingly important component of the modern school system.  Over the past ten years, the usage and efficacy of Ed Tech in schools has been increasing every year.  Ed Tech has gone from being an early-adopter tool to a mainstream educational pillar.  In this year’s award winners, we can see many companies who have successfully been combining high quality content with personalized learning algorithms and improved content sequencing.

The results from the 2020 awards have been converted to a searchable table format to make it easier to sort.  There are some really impressive ed-tech products, ed-tech companies, and influential education industry leaders out there!  As these companies continue to improve learning outcomes and better meet learning objectives, it is worthwhile to recognize them for their contributions to ed tech and education.

Now, more than ever, we need quality remote learning solutions to help teachers and students overcome the challenges of not having a physical school environment.  Teachers understand with the end of the school shutdown, the classrooms will be different in the fall from what they were like in the spring.  It is great to see so many leaders supporting the global efforts to keep children learning!

Technology in education consists of dozens of categories of products, including learning content, teacher classroom management applications, learning and knowledge assessment, school district management technology, and a wide range of supporting technology and learning tools to support teachers and students inside and outside of the classroom.

In 2020, we are seeing an increase in A.I. integrations with content pieces, plus an increasing standardization of technology for school administrators and teachers to monitor student learning and better personalize assessments for students.  Absent from the 2020 education technology awards are the micro-content technology providers that we have seen in recent years. Education technology is steadily showing a convergence of quality content housed within a larger learning curriculum.  This is especially relevant for technology and learning tools in the STEM subjects.  Mathematics particularly is benefiting from technology meeting learning outcomes from a larger curriculum sequence.

The goals for education technology are increasingly falling into the role of developing and support meaningful instructional programs, which are enhanced by the technology, but not necessarily driven by the technology itself.  Technology is increasingly acting as an accelerator of learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.  This has become particularly relevant with the sudden crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic.  As schools closed at the local, state, national, and global levels, the school systems worldwide searched for tools and Ed Tech solutions that would help facilitate continued and increasingly decentralized learning.

Globally, Ed Tech providers saw a substantial increase in app and content downloads in 2020.  Most notable among these learning tools were the classroom management apps.  In particular, classroom management tools such as Google Classroom and Class Dojo saw dramatic increases in app downloads as they became primary resources for teachers and schools to migrate their curriculum online.  Globally, during the peak of the 2020 Coronavirus school shutdown period, app downloads for education products increased 90% compared to 2019’s average numbers.

Ed Tech will experience a significant impact from the school shutdowns resulting from Coronavirus.  Already, schools are beginning to prepare for sustained increases in the depth of exposure to digital education products.  While the initial surge in ed tech product downloads was concentrated in the classroom management and content apps, schools will be looking for solutions that help them not only manage classrooms, but also maintain efficiency during upcoming budget cuts.

CategoryFinalists (* shows winner)
adaptive technology solutionCerego
content provider solution114th Partnership / Spark 101
open educational resources (OER) / open learning solution114th Partnership / Spark 101*
edtech company setting a trend2gnoMe
science solution360Science Lab Solutions
edtech company setting a trendA Cloud Guru (ACG)
testing & assessment solutionA. Willock Information Systems Inc.
language learning solutionABC Quest
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)ABC Quest
social studies solutionABC-CLIO Solutions Databases
administrative solutionAbl District Scheduling Audit
edtech company setting a trendAbre
Product or service (general)Abre Platform
edtech company setting a trendAccelerate Learning, Inc.*
games for learning/simulation solutionAccounting Challenge
career planning solutionAchieveWorks
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionAction Research Tutorials
Product or service (general)ActivEd Walkabouts
hardware for education solutionActivPanel Elements Series
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)ActivPanel Elements Series
founder(s) / ceoAdam Pisoni, Abl
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionAdmitHub
corporate training solutionAdobe Connect
collaboration solutionAdobe Connect*
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Adult Nursing Manikin
professional development learning solutionADVANCEfeedback by Insight ADVANCE
video-based learning solutionADVANCEfeedback by Insight ADVANCE
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)Agenda Edu
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionAirServer Connect
mobile device solutionAirServer Connect 4K UHD*
founder(s) / ceoAli Arsan, Edlio
higher education technology leaderAlison Bell
student information system (SIS) solutionAlma*
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionAmira
testing & assessment solutionAmira
learning analytics/data mining solutionAMOS
curriculum and instruction solutionAmplify ELA
literacy/reading solutionAmplify Reading
personalized learning solutionAmplify Reading
science solutionAmplify Science
edtech company setting a trendAmplify/Publishing 3.0
district data solutionAnalytics powered by Relay
founder(s) / ceo – startupAnayet Chowdhury, Vladislav Suleyman, and Eduard Sulemanov, ArgoPrep
founder(s) / ceoAndrew Grauer, Course Hero* (higher ed)
founder(s) / ceo – startupAndrew Sutherland, Quizlet*
professional development learning solutionAperture Education EdSERT
test prep solutionApex Learning College Readiness Tutorials
write-in: OTHER (name it)Apex Learning CTE ‘Best Courses with a Purpose’
coding, computer science, engineering solutionApex Learning Technology Courses
product or service setting a trendApex Learning Technology Courses
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionApex Learning Technology Courses
video-based learning solutionArgoPrep Video Explanations
edtech company setting a trendArist
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionAristo e-Companion for HKDSE BIOLOGY: Connecting Concepts
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Artie 3000
content provider solutionASSIST Education
edtech company setting a trendASSIST Education
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)ASSIST Education
student information system (SIS) solutionAssist Education
hardware for education solutionAVer Professional Auto Tracking Cameras
hardware for education solutionAvocor F-Series
collaboration solutionAvocor F-Series Interactive Display
educator setting a trendBarbara Bray
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionBark for Schools
math solutionBeast Academy Online from Art of Problem Solving
founder(s) / ceo – startupBhavneet Chahal, GoSkills
collaboration solutionBigBlueButton
special needs/assistive technology solutionBIPTrack*
corporate training solutionBizLibrary LMS
badging/credentialing solutionbizPROFI’s Dynamic Badging
online courses / MOOCs solutionBlackboard Ally
edtech company setting a trendBlackboard Data
higher education solutionBlackbullion
parent/student solutionBloomz
communication solutionBloomz*
emerging technology solutionBlue Canoe*
video-based learning solutionBongo
authoring tools solutionBook Creator*
literacy/reading solutionBookFlix
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)BOOST↑CHARGE™ 8 Port Charging Station
robotics (for learning, education) solutionBoxlight Mimio MyBot Educational Robotics System
mobile app solution (middle & high school)Brainly*
school leaderBrian Seymour
professional development learning solutionBridge Employee Development Platform
educator setting a trendBryan Alexander
student study tools solutionBudbeed Learning
games for learning/simulation solutionBudget Challenge
write-in: OTHER (name it)Budget Challenge ‘Best Financial Literacy Solution’
personalized learning solutionBuncee
administrative solutionBus.Watch
public relations (PR) firm working in edtechC. Blohm & Associates, Inc.*
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionC3 Micro-Cloud
product or service setting a trendC3 Micro-Cloud
product or service setting a trendCadenza Community Pilot Project
product or service setting a trendCampus Life
emerging technology solutionCampus Management CampusNexus Apply
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Campus Management CampusNexus Engage
edtech company setting a trendCampusLogic
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)CampusReel
higher education solutionCampuswire
learning management system (LMS) solutionCanvas*
authoring tools solutionCapsimInbox
games for learning/simulation solutionCapsimInbox
personalized learning solutionCapsimInbox
professional development learning solutionCapsimInbox
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionCapsimInbox
testing & assessment solutionCapsimInbox
professional skills solutionCapsimInbox*
literacy/reading solutionCapti Voice
special needs/assistive technology solutionCapti Voice
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Cardonex
career planning solutionCareer Finder
collaboration solutionCareer Finder
WorkforceCareer Finder
college prep solutionCareer Finder for College Prep
career planning solutionCareerMason
global leaderCaroline Kennard
testing & assessment solutionCASE Benchmark Assessments
product or service setting a trendCatchOn
product or service setting a trendCengage Unlimited
professional skills solutionCentral Reach CR Institute
professional skills solutionCertificacionPM
edtech group setting a trendCertificationPoint
educator setting a trendChad Lewis
curriculum and instruction solutionChalk Curriculum & Instruction
founder(s) / ceoChandra Pemmasani, UWorld
founder(s) / ceoCharlene Blohm, CB&A
educator setting a trendCharlotte Dungan
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionChem101
visionaryCheryl Vedoe
founder(s) / ceoCheryl Vedoe, Apex Learning
global leaderChris Caren
leader setting a trendChris Coleman
educator setting a trendChris Ray
national (U.S.) leaderChris Ray
visionaryChris Ray
founder(s) / ceo – startupChris Rose and Zach Vander Veen, Abre
digital courseware solutionCirrus
online courses / MOOCs solutionCirrus
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionCirrus – eLearning, Blended, or Flipped Solution
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Cirrus from Paradigm
learning analytics/data mining solutionCivitas Learning
edtech company setting a trendClaned
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Class Ace for K-6
administrative solutionClasscraft
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionClassLink
higher education solutionClassLink
district data solutionClassLink Analytics
administrative solutionClassLink Analytics*
classroom management solutionClassLink LaunchPad
product or service setting a trendClassLink OneSync
personalized learning solutionClassroom Command Center
student information system (SIS) solutionClasster
hardware for education solutionClear Touch 7000X with convertible mobile stand
write-in: OTHER (name it)Clear Touch Command ‘Best Integrated Communication System’
test prep solutionClinical Med Math from UWorld
corporate training solutionCloudShare Virtual IT Labs
coding, computer science, engineering solutionCode Cube
coding, computer science, engineering solutionCodeCombat featuring Ozaria
games for learning/simulation solutionCodeCombat featuring Ozaria
coding, computer science, engineering solutionCodelicious
coding, computer science, engineering solutionCodeMonkey
product or service setting a trendCodeRED
games for learning/simulation solutionCoderZ
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)codeSpark Academy with The Foos*
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Coding Critters
curriculum and instruction solutionCollegeScope
testing & assessment solutionCompetencyAI
higher education technology leaderConnie Yowell
curriculum and instruction solutionCourse Hero
edtech company setting a trendCourse Hero
student study tools solutionCourse Hero
edtech company setting a trendCoursera GSI
open educational resources (OER) / open learning solutionCoursera Labs
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Coursera Labs*
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionCox Business Education IT & Managed Services
parent/student solutioncreatED Family Engagement Kit Series
arts, music, or creative solutioncreatED STEAM Design-A-Game Kits
coding, computer science, engineering solutioncreatED® Moved By Math: Unplugged Coding
professional skills solutionCredibility Quest
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Cubelets Curiosity Set
science solutionCuriosity Cube Mobile Science Lab
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionCuriosity Cube Mobile Science Lab
games for learning/simulation solutionCurse Reverse
maker/DIY tools solutionCyant’s Lab
security solutionCybeReady
higher education technology leaderCynthia Sistek-Chandler*
games for learning/simulation solutionDanger Zone
educator setting a trendDarin Beck
school leader setting a trendDarin Beck
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Data Security Suite UE EduRisk from United Educators
emerging technology solutionDataset Analysis LLC
edtech company setting a trendDaVinci Education
higher education solutionDaVinci Education*
school leaderDebra Walker-Smith
content provider solutionDefined Learning
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionDefined Learning
Product or service (general)Degreed Platform
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionDeledao
write-in: OTHER (name it)Deledao ‘Best Student Data Privacy Solution’
hardware for education solutionDell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra: Zero Footprint Desktop
virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) solutionDHL: Using VR Training to Drive Employee Engagement
curriculum and instruction solutionDigital Champion of IDEAS
professional development learning solutionDigital Marketing Institute Membership Platform
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Discovery Education Experience
product or service setting a trendDiscovery Education Experience*
math solutionDiscovery Education Math Techbook
science solutionDiscovery Education Science Techbook
social studies solutionDiscovery Education Social Studies Techbook
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionDiscovery Education STEM Connect*
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Display Wall Mount from Tripp Lite
presentation solutionDual Screen TV Monitor Cart from Tripp Lite
language learning solutionEASY peasy English
literacy/reading solutionEASY peasy Spelling
product or service setting a trendEasyCode Pillars: Intro to Computer Science
content provider solutionEasygenerator
learning management system (LMS) solutionEasyLMS
video-based learning solutionEcho360*
games for learning/simulation solutionEconland Macroeconomics
tutoring solutionEcree Virtual Writing Tutor
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionEcree Writing Tutor
learning management system (LMS) solutionEdgenuity
content provider solutionEdgenuity Courseware
language arts solutionEdgenuity Courseware
math solutionEdgenuity Courseware
personalized learning solutionEdgenuity MyPath
science solutionEdgenuity Next Generation Science Suite
personalized learning solutionEdgenuity Pathblazer*
digital courseware solutionEdgenuity*
communication solutionEdlio Website CMS
digital courseware solutionEdmentum Courseware
personalized learning solutionEdmentum Exact Path
student information system (SIS) solutionEdOptim
learning management system (LMS) solutionEdsby
parent/student solutionEdsby
classroom management solutionEdsby*
district data solutionedSpring
learning management system (LMS) solutionEduBrite
maker/DIY tools solutionEduporium
edtech company setting a trendedWeb.net
professional development learning solutionedWeb.net
digital courseware solutioneDynamic Learning Career & Elective Courses
career planning solutioneDynamic Learning Career Ready Program
professional skills solutioneggheads.ai
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionEiE Wee Engineer PreK Engineering Curriculum
product or service setting a trendEiE® Wee Engineer PreK Engineering Curriculum
edtech company setting a trendEiffel Corp
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionEmbibe
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Emotional ABCs, Inc.
corporate training solutionenabley (formerly TIME To KNOW)*
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)Encounter Edu
presentation solutionEpson BrightLink 1485Fi
product or service setting a trendEpson® LightScene™ Accent Lighting Laser Projector
security solutionEricom Shield
tutoring solutioneTutorWorld
edtech company setting a trendEvidentally
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Evo Lite
testing & assessment solutionExamity
science solutionExploreLearning Gizmos
math solutionExploreLearning Reflex
science solutionExploreLearning Science4Us
edtech company setting a trendExploros
edtech company setting a trendExxat LLC
robotics (for learning, education) solutionEZ-Robot JD Humanoid Robot
language learning solutionFabuLingua
founder(s) / ceo – startupFadl Al Tarzi, Nexford University
language learning solutionFast ForWord
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)Fast Lane Financial Literacy*
curriculum and instruction solutionFast Lane: Promoting Financial Education in High Schools
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)FindRelatedBooks.com
math solutionFirst In Math
presentation solutionFloor to Ceiling Mount from Tripp Lite
lesson planning solutionFollett MyDestiny*
curriculum and instruction solutionFortunaPIX
edtech company setting a trendFortunaPIX
literacy/reading solutionFoundations Learning System
school leader setting a trendFridolin Ting*
adaptive technology solutionFulcrum Labs
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionFulcrum Labs
college prep solutionFulcrum Labs
test prep solutionFulcrum Labs
WorkforceFulcrum Labs
product or service setting a trendFuture Gate
digital courseware solutionFutureLearn
online courses / MOOCs solutionFutureLearn
open educational resources (OER) / open learning solutionFutureLearn
security solutionGaggle
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionGalaxia by LifeSkills Training
content provider solutionGale In Context: For Educators
curriculum and instruction solutionGale In Context: For Educators
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Gale In Context: For Educators
testing & assessment solutionGalileo K-12 Comprehensive Assessment System
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionGarfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures
educator setting a trendGarrett Love
corporate training solutionGE Healthcare: Radiographers VR
visionaryGene Kerns
edtech company setting a trendGeneral Assembly
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionGG4L Access
district data solutionGG4L Connect
learning analytics/data mining solutionGlimpse K12
visionaryGlynn Willett
edtech company setting a trendGo Together, Inc.
tutoring solutionGooroo
professional skills solutionGoReact
testing & assessment solutionGoReact
video-based learning solutionGoReact
online courses / MOOCs solutionGoReact*
corporate training solutionGoSkills
learning management system (LMS) solutionGoSkills
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionGradescope
higher education solutiongreymatter by Frequency Foundry
higher education solutionGuidebook
founder(s) / ceo – startupGustavo Dolfino, myKlovr
language learning solutionHands-On English
edtech company setting a trendHāpara Student Dashboard
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Hāpara Student Dashboard*
adaptive technology solutionHappy Numbers
edtech company setting a trendHappy Numbers
personalized learning solutionHappy Numbers
curriculum and instruction solutionHatch Coding
edtech company setting a trendHatch Coding
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Hatch Coding
product or service setting a trendHatch Coding
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionHatch Coding
coding, computer science, engineering solutionHatch Coding*
edtech company setting a trendHatch Early Learning
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)Headsprout
adaptive technology solutionHeadsprout*
write-in: OTHER (name it)Health World ‘Best PreK-8th Grade Digital Health Education Content’
professional development learning solutionHealthcare Learning Innovations Patient Management and Delegation
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionHelloID
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)HelloID
security solutionHelloID
write-in: OTHER (name it)HelloID ‘Best Identity Management Solution’
literacy/reading solutionHighlights Library
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)HITT (The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool)
professional development learning solutionHMH Coaching Studio Blending Coaching
tutoring solutionHUE HD Pro Camera
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionHughesNet & 4-H STEM Lab for Kids
games for learning/simulation solutionHuman Heroes Curie on Matter
math solutionI Know It
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutioni+ Interactif
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionIBI Global
professional skills solutionIBM Watson AdWeek
WorkforceIBM Watson and Adweek’s Institute for Brand Marketing, powered by Junction Education
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)Ignite by Hatch
literacy/reading solutionImagine Language & Literacy*
edtech company setting a trendImagine Learning
language arts solutionImagine Learning Language & Literature
math solutionImagine Math PreK–8
personalized learning solutionImagine Math PreK–8
content provider solutionImmerse.io VEP
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Impero EdAware
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Impressions
research & resources (research/reference tools solution)InfoReady Review
communication solutionInfoReady Scale
product or service setting a trendInfoReady Scale
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionInScribe
communication solutionInScribe
edtech company setting a trendINTCAS
open educational resources (OER) / open learning solutionIntellus Search
hiring solutionInterfolio
parent/student solutionIonTuition
product or service setting a trendiPC Scholar
research & resources (research/reference tools solution)iPC Scholar
personalized learning solutioni-Ready
district data solutionIstation
personalized learning solutionIstation
learning analytics/data mining solutionIstation*
testing & assessment solutionItematica from Mentoring Minds*
language arts solutionIXL Learning
math solutionIXL Learning
mobile app solution (middle & high school)IXL Learning
personalized learning solutionIXL Learning
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionIXL Learning*
educator setting a trendJack Replinger*
higher education technology leaderJacob Mayhew
MORE LEADERSHIP AWARDSJames Rice (edtech author / speaker)
founder(s) / ceoJeff Cameron, Brainchild
higher education solutionJenzabar One Anaytics
global leaderJessica Lindl*
founder(s) / ceoJinal Jhaveri, SchoolMint
professional skills solutionJob Smart
leader setting a trendJohn Just
leader setting a trendJon Corippo and Marlena Hebern*
visionaryJon Roepke
national (U.S.) leaderJulie A. Evans*
Product or service (general)Kahoot!*
personalized learning solutionKAIT
personalized learning solutionKaltura Interactive Video Paths
visionaryKaren Taylor*
founder(s) / ceoKate Eberle Walker, PresenceLearning
public relations (PR) firm working in edtechKEH Communications
higher education technology leaderKen Libutti
security solutionKevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training* (workforce)
robotics (for learning, education) solutionKIBO The STEAM Robot Kit for children 4-7
classroom management solutionKidConnect Classroom
product or service setting a trendKidConnect Classroom
edtech company setting a trendKira Talent
edtech group setting a trendKiri
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionKnowledge Cloud
math solutionKnowre Math*
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionKOOV Educator Kit
coding, computer science, engineering solutionKUBO
school leaderKyle Berger*
games for learning/simulation solutionL3 Skills
literacy/reading solutionLANGUAGE! Live from Voyager Sopris Learning
founder(s) / ceoLarry Berger, Amplify
administrative solutionLaserfiche Forms
science solutionLaunchPacks: Science
social studies solutionLaunchPacks: Social Studies from Britannica Digital Learning
tutoring solutionLearnCube
special needs/assistive technology solutionLearning Ally Audiobook Solution
professional skills solutionLearnlight Blended Language & Skills Training
district data solutionLearnPlatform
edtech company setting a trendLearnPlatform
edtech company setting a trendLEGO Education Coding Express
coding, computer science, engineering solutionLEGO Education MINDSTORMS Education EV3
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionLEGO Education MINDSTORMS Education EV3
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionLEGO Education SPIKE Prime
founder(s) / ceo – startupLeKiesha French, CEOofMyLife
games for learning/simulation solutionLemonade
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Lerner Sports Database
professional development learning solutionLETRS from Voyager Sopris Learning*
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionLevel Up Village
language arts solutionLexia Core5 Reading
literacy/reading solutionLexia PowerUp Literacy
personalized learning solutionLexia PowerUp Literacy
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)Lexile and Quantile Hub
curriculum and instruction solutionLightbox Classroom
edtech company setting a trendLightbox Classroom
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionLightbox Classroom
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Lightbox Classroom
product or service setting a trendLightbox Classroom
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionLightspeed Systems Relay*
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)LingoZING
mobile app solution (post secondary)LinguaTV-App*
language learning solutionLingvist
authoring tools solutionLiquid | Author
founder(s) / ceoLisa Schmucki, edWeb.net
special needs/assistive technology solutionListenTALK
literacy/reading solutionLiteracy Planet
literacy/reading solutionLiteracy Pro
personalized learning solutionLiteracy Pro
language learning solutionLittle Bridge
educator setting a trendLiu Yijie
professional development learning solutionLivingtree Family Engagement Program
founder(s) / ceoLori Baas, Christopher House
video-based learning solutionLumieLabs
Product or service (general)MackinVIA
security solutionMadeSafe for Education
edtech company setting a trendMAD-learn LLC
career planning solutionMaiaLearning
maker/DIY tools solutionMakers Empire*
product or service setting a trendManagedMethods
security solutionManagedMethods
language learning solutionMango Classroom by Mango Languages
founder(s) / ceoMargret Juliana Sigurdardottir, Mussila
special needs/assistive technology solutionMARIO Framework
visionaryMarten Roorda
games for learning/simulation solutionMarvel Hero Tales from Kuato Studios
personalized learning solutionMastery Based Learning Platform from Core Learning Exchange
adaptive technology solutionMATH 180
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionMATH 180 – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
math solutionMATHia
personalized learning solutionMATHia
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionMATHia*
math solutionMathigon
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionMATLAB Grader
leader setting a trendMatt Alex
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)MAXCases EdgeProtect
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)MAXCases EdgeProtect Plus
administrative solutionMDM for Education
video-based learning solutionMediaShareIQ
science solutionMEL Science
virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) solutionMEL Science*
language arts solutionMI Write
educator setting a trendMicah Shippee
robotics (for learning, education) solutionMiko
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionMimetics Jade Robot
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionMindAntix
games for learning/simulation solutionMission to the Mesozoic
mobile device solutionMixcder E10 Headphones
hardware for education solutionMixcder Headphones
classroom management solutionMobile Guardian for Chromebooks
parent/student solutionMobile Guardian Linked Parent Dashboard
adaptive technology solutionMobyMax
curriculum and instruction solutionMobyMax
digital courseware solutionMobyMax
edtech company setting a trendMobyMax
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionMobyMax
emerging technology solutionMobyMax
language arts solutionMobyMax
math solutionMobyMax
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)MobyMax
online courses / MOOCs solutionMobyMax
parent/student solutionMobyMax
personalized learning solutionMobyMax
product or service setting a trendMobyMax
science solutionMobyMax
social studies solutionMobyMax
special needs/assistive technology solutionMobyMax
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionMobyMax
student study tools solutionMobyMax
testing & assessment solutionMobyMax
tutoring solutionMobyMax
write-in: OTHER (name it)MobyMax ‘Best Early Learning Solution’*
games for learning/simulation solutionMobyMax Fluency Games and Fluency Board Games
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionMobyMax*
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Moki
edtech company setting a trendMoney Experience
arts, music, or creative solutionMusicon
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Musicon
arts, music, or creative solutionMussila
administrative solutionMy School Dance
administrative solutionMyGuide
college prep solutionmyKlovr Virtual College Counseling Platform
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)myVRscope
virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) solutionmyVRscope
edtech company setting a trendn2y
professional development learning solutionn2y Professional Development
special needs/assistive technology solutionn2y Total Solution
founder(s) / ceo – startupNadine Levitt, WURRLYedu
professional development learning solutionNational Certificate for STEM Teaching from the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE)
badging/credentialing solutionNational Institute for STEM Education (NISE) Micro Certificates*
product or service setting a trendNational Institute for STEM Education (NISE) STEM Certification Programs
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionNatural Hazards: Robots to the Rescue from d’Vinci Interactive
product or service setting a trendNearpod
learning management system (LMS) solutionNEO LMS
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionNetSupport DNA
classroom management solutionNetSupport School
tutoring solutionNetTutor
edtech company setting a trendNewsela
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Next Generation Learning Experience from Nexford University
coding, computer science, engineering solutionNext Tech
curriculum and instruction solutionNoRedInk
product or service setting a trendNotify Visual InfoBoards
literacy/reading solutionODILO
collaboration solutionOmega Notes Collaborative Learning System
edtech company setting a trendOnline Trading Academy
tutoring solutionOnline Tutoring System from ETGI Group
mobile device solutionOnSolve MIR3 Mobile
hardware for education solutionOptoma ZH420UST
product or service setting a trendOsmo Little Genius Starter Kit
administrative solutionOtus
parent/student solutionOutschool
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionOzobot Evo Classroom Kit
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Pactful innovation app
public relations (PR) firm working in edtechPando Public Relations (formerly J Harrison Public Relations)
personalized learning solutionPaper (formerly GradeSlam)
tutoring solutionPaper (formerly GradeSlam)*
parent/student solutionParentSquare*
professional development learning solutionParticipate
edtech company setting a trendParticipate*
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionPASCO Wireless Smart Cart and Accessories
career planning solutionPathwayU
WorkforcePathwayU powered by JobZology
games for learning/simulation solutionPatient Management and Delegation
founder(s) / ceoPaul Berberian, Sphero
founder(s) / ceoPaul Gollash, Voxy
badging/credentialing solutionPBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED
curriculum and instruction solutionPear Deck
presentation solutionPear Deck*
product or service setting a trendPearson Realize
literacy/reading solutionPebbleGo
research & resources (research/reference tools solution)PebbleGo*
edtech group setting a trendPedagogic and Active Learning Mobile Solutions (PALMS) Project
visionaryPeter Kuperman
games for learning/simulation solutionPhET Interactive Simulations
math solutionPhET Interactive Simulations
open educational resources (OER) / open learning solutionPhET Interactive Simulations
science solutionPhET Interactive Simulations
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Phonics Hunter Blended Program
collaboration solutionPilot 5
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionPiper Computer Kit
testing & assessment solutionPipplet
video-based learning solutionPivot Interactives from Vernier Software & Technology
language arts solutionPixton EDU
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Pixton EDU
lesson planning solutionPlanboard by Chalk
mobile app solution (middle & high school)PlayForward: smokeSCREEN
presentation solutionPop-out Video Wall Mount from Tripp Lite
Product or service (general)PortfolioGen
product or service setting a trendPositivity
district data solutionPowerSchool Performance Matters Assessment and Analytics
testing & assessment solutionPowerSchool Performance Matters Assessment and Analytics
hiring solutionPowerSchool Unified Talent
professional development learning solutionPowerSchool Unified Talent
public relations (PR) firm working in edtechPR with Panache!
edtech company setting a trendPresenceLearning
special needs/assistive technology solutionPresenceLearning
collaboration solutionPretzl
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionPrioritization of Care and Prioritization of Care 2
lesson planning solutionPromethean ActivInspire
curriculum and instruction solutionPromethean ClassFlow
career planning solutionProTeen
personalized learning solutionProTeen
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionProTeen
product or service setting a trendProwise MOVE
hardware for education solutionProwise Touchscreen
edtech company setting a trendQuantic by Pedago
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionQuantified Communications
student information system (SIS) solutionQuickSchools
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionQuillionz
literacy/reading solutionQuindewEL
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)QuindewEL
student study tools solutionQuizlet*
product or service setting a trendRaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS)
write-in: OTHER (name it)Radix ‘Best VR device management’
school leader setting a trendRalph Krauss
security solutionRaptor Technologies Emergency Management System
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionRaz-Plus
language arts solutionRaz-Plus
literacy/reading solutionRaz-Plus
language learning solutionRaz-Plus ELL Edition*
adaptive technology solutionREAD 180 – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionREAD 180 – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionRead Ahead
skills (a.k.a. 21st-century skills) solutionRead to Lead
games for learning/simulation solutionReading Eggs Learn to Read*
literacy/reading solutionReadingIQ
literacy/reading solutionReadorium
curriculum and instruction solutionReady Classroom Mathematics
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)ReadyRosie
parent/student solutionReadyRosie
founder(s) / ceo – startupRebecca Kantar, Imbellus
founder(s) / ceoRebecca Sadwick Shaddix, Strategica Partners
testing & assessment solutionRemark Test Grading Cloud
literacy/reading solutionRenaissance Accelerated Reader
literacy/reading solutionRenaissance myON® Reader
testing & assessment solutionRenaissance Star 360
professional development learning solutionRenaissance-U
founder(s) / ceo – startupRichard Margolin, RoboKind
leader setting a trendRichard O’Malley and Kyle Jones
school leaderRichie Crim
global leaderRima Aristocrat
product or service setting a trendRoad to Zero
video-based learning solutionRoad to Zero
founder(s) / ceoRobert Romano, StudySync
robotics (for learning, education) solutionRobo Wunderkind*
special needs/assistive technology solutionrobots4autism
coding, computer science, engineering solutionrobots4STEM
founder(s) / ceoRyan Kerr, RYCOR* (K-12)
professional skills solutionSalesforce Trailhead
coding, computer science, engineering solutionSAM Labs: Learn to Code
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionSAM Labs: SAM Space
founder(s) / ceo – startupSarah Daniels, Blue Canoe
corporate training solutionSberbank Virtual School
adaptive technology solutionScholastic F.I.R.S.T.
games for learning/simulation solutionScholastic F.I.R.S.T.
literacy/reading solutionScholastic F.I.R.S.T.
mobile app solution (early childhood, elem.)Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.
games for learning/simulation solutionScholastic W.O.R.D.
literacy/reading solutionScholastic W.O.R.D.
personalized learning solutionScholastic W.O.R.D.
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Scholastic W.O.R.D.*
Product or service (general)School Cash
edtech company setting a trendSchoolStatus
parent/student solutionSchoolStatus
district data solutionSchoolzilla*
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionScience A-Z
science solutionScience A-Z*
product or service setting a trendSecond Life Mac
parent/student solutionSecurlyHome
games for learning/simulation solutionShady Sam
national (U.S.) leaderShannon McClintock Miller
lesson planning solutionShareMyLesson
school leader setting a trendShawn Wigg
edtech company setting a trendShmoop
college prep solutionShmoop*
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)SignUpGenius
content provider solutionSIMA Classroom*
founder(s) / ceoSimon Nelson, FutureLearn
games for learning/simulation solutionSimPHARM
virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) solutionSkillMill by Interplay Learning
edtech company setting a trendSkyward
collaboration solutionSkyward: Product Ideas Portal
product or service setting a trendSmart Buddies
math solutionSmartick
science solutionSmartMicroScope 5M
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionSmithsonian Science for the Classroom
curriculum and instruction solutionSmithsonian Science for the Classroom*
edtech company setting a trendSnapplify for Education
math solutionSofia
mobile app solution (post secondary)SonoSim, Inc.
literacy/reading solutionSora by OverDrive Education
product or service setting a trendSora by OverDrive Education
arts, music, or creative solutionSoundtrap For Education
artificial intelligence (AI) solutionSparx Maths
math solutionSparx Maths
maker/DIY tools solutionSphero RVR
personalized learning solutionSplash Math
write-in: OTHER (name it)Spring Theory ‘Best Experiential Learning Solution’
math solutionSpringMath
emerging technology solutionSprintax
public relations (PR) firm working in edtechSquare 32 Consulting
literacy/reading solutionSquare Panda
games for learning/simulation solutionST Math
math solutionST Math
school leader setting a trendStacy Stewart
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionStarSense Explorer DX 130mm Telescope
hardware for education solutionStarSense Explorer™ DX 130mm Telescope
games for learning/simulation solutionSTAX
games for learning/simulation solutionSTEAM Design-A-Game Kit
higher education solutionSTEM Graduate Programs from NISE and SNHU
parent/student solutionSTEMrangers Science Night
write-in: OTHER (name it)STEMscopes Early Explorer ‘Best PreK/Early Childhood Learning Solution’
math solutionSTEMscopes Math
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionSTEMscopes NGSS 3D
digital courseware solutionSTEMscopes Science Powered by CNN
science solutionSTEMscopes Science Powered by CNN
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)STEMscopes Streaming
coding, computer science, engineering solutionSTEMscopes™ DIVE-in Engineering
parent/student solutionStrongMind Loud Mouth
founder(s) / ceoStu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4* (workforce)
test prep solutionStudy Island
student study tools solutionStudy.com
language arts solutionStudySync ELA*
adaptive technology solutionSuccessMaker
visionarySue Bohle
digital courseware solutionSuite360
national (U.S.) leaderSusan Gilley
school leaderSusan Gilley
founder(s) / ceoSusan Wells, TechTerra Education
edtech company setting a trendSV Academy
hiring solutionSwing Education*
science solutionSyncBlasts Science from StudySync
social studies solutionSyncBlasts: Social Studies from StudySync*
professional development learning solutionTAP Online
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Teach Every Child Connector (TECC) from PCG Education
administrative solutionTeacher Vitae
professional development learning solutionTeacher Vitae
edtech group setting a trendTeaching with Technology Trailblazers*
collaboration solutionTeamDynamix
higher education solutionTeamDynamix
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionTeamDynamix
edtech company setting a trendTech Defenders
district data solutionTechnology Impact & Efficacy (TIE) Assessment
edtech company setting a trendTechTerra Education*
founder(s) / ceoTeddy Gabbart, Gabbart Communications
security solutionTerra Dotta Travel Registry
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Test Automation University
edtech company setting a trendTest Prep 4 All
Product or service (general)TestHound
testing & assessment solutionThe Graide Network
WorkforceThe Immerse Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP)
edtech group setting a trendThe Smart Lab at Full Sail University
product or service setting a trendTheStreet Courses Powered by Junction Education
curriculum and instruction solutionThinkUp! ELAR (Texas)
curriculum and instruction solutionThinkUp! Math (Texas)
math solutionThinkUp! Math (Texas)
curriculum and instruction solutionThinkUp! Science (Texas)
special needs/assistive technology solutionTippyTalk EDU
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionTo Our Solar System and Back from d’Vinci Interactive
visionaryTodd Brekhus
digital courseware solutionTop Hat Intro Courses
higher education solutionTop Hat Teaching Platform
authoring tools solutionTop Hat: Authoring with Top Hat
authoring tools solutionTovuti
badging/credentialing solutionTrailhead (Salesforce)
professional development learning solutionTrauma-Informed Practices for K12 Schools
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)TrippLite Protect It!
test prep solutionTrueLearn SmartBanks for High-Stakes Medical Licensure Exams*
career planning solutionTruTalent
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionTuring Tumble LLC
games for learning/simulation solutiontypery.io
product or service setting a trendtypery.io
content provider solutionUbongo
corporate training solutionUdemy for Business
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionUL Xplorlabs Platform
hardware for education solutionUltra 10 from HoverCam*
curriculum and instruction solutionUltraKey Online
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)UltraKey Online
digital courseware solutionUnique Learning System
lesson planning solutionUnique Learning System
literacy/reading solutionUnique Learning System
video-based learning solutionUnited Through Reading
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)United Through Reading Mobile Story Station*
coding, computer science, engineering solutionUnity Learn
research & resources (resources/other helpful sites or tools for education)Unlocking Time
STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) solutionUnruly Splats
security solutionUntangle NG Firewall* (K-12, Higher Ed)
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionUser Experience Insight from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
tutoring solutionVarsity Tutors Live Learning Platform
learning management system (LMS) solutionVedubox
founder(s) / ceoVernon Johnson and Reid Whitaker, Accelerate Learning
Product or service (general)Vert 3.1
district data solutionVideri
learning analytics/data mining solutionVideri from Certica
edtech company setting a trendVidigami
collaboration solutionViewSonic myViewBoard
professional development learning solutionViewSonic myViewBoard Teacher Certification Program
badging/credentialing solutionViewSonic Teacher Certification Program
personalized learning solutionVINCI Connected Early Learning System
career planning solutionVirtualJobShadow.com
communication solutionVisix AxisTV Signage Suite
networking, information technology (IT), connectivity, or access solutionVMware
literacy/reading solutionVocabulary A-Z
parent/student solutionVocabulary A-Z
college prep solutionVolunteerCrowd
corporate training solutionVoxy
language learning solutionVoxy
national (U.S.) leaderWade Willett
founder(s) / ceoWade Willett, MobyMax
adaptive technology solutionWaggle
personalized learning solutionWaggle
content provider solutionWatch & Learn Library
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Watch & Learn Library
parent/student solutionWaterford.org
edtech company setting a trendWatermark
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Wave from Lincoln Learning
product or service setting a trendWeAdmit.io
maker/DIY tools solutionWhy Toyz
founder(s) / ceo – startupWilliam Zhou, Chalk
learning management system (LMS) solutionWISDOM LMS
global leaderWong Yin Cheung Eugene
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionWords Their Way Classroom from Pearson
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Workstation from Tripp Lite
learning management system (LMS) solutionWorkWize LMS
Product or service (general)WOWCube
coding, computer science, engineering solutionWoz U
corporate training solutionWranx
e-learning, blended, or flipped solutionWritable
language arts solutionWritable
arts, music, or creative solutionWURRLYedu*
career planning solutionXello*
professional development learning solutionZaya Sensei
virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) solutionzSpace Experiences
New product or service (released in 2018 or later)Zümi: Driving into the World of AI


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