The Great Equalizer


Helping society develop its greatest renewable resources:

Education and Entrepreneurship.


Access to education is the single greatest determinant of economic mobility, prosperity, living conditions, and social progress.  Education impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, from the view we have of ourselves, to the confidence we have in tackling the greatest challenges facing society.  Lean Education Lab believes that the quickest and most efficient way to improve education access is to support education entrepreneurs in developing their education innovations into growing businesses impacting the lives of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of students around the world.

Our mission is based on four principles that we believe deeply in.

  1. Education is humanity’s greatest replenishable resource. 
  2. Through education, society can overcome any challenge or obstacle.
  3. Access to education is a human right.  
  4. Education is a global resource.
Lean Education Lab is a non-profit advocate for helping solve the biggest problems in education.  We recognize the size and complexities of the challenges in the global education industry, and we like to chip away a little at them every day.  While Lean Education Lab is interested in


Lean Education Lab Who We Are

Lean Education Lab was started by David Alexander as a vehicle to draw attention and insight to systemic problems in the education industry.  David has been active in the global education industry for more than 15 years – first as a teacher and later as an innovator in Education Technology (design, development, and implementation).   David has served on the Board of Directors of numerous education technology companies, including board-level experience in venture-backed startups, joint ventures, and bootstrapped education companies, with experiences covering the U.S., Europe, and Asia.